Day 2: Apple iPad Pro (2015) 128 GB WiFi + Cellular

iphone 6 vs ipad pro
iPad Pro (2015) vs iPhone 6 – Size comparison

Day 2 and the device is still as I would expect it.  Reading in bed is a little heavy but on the couch is a little better. I really like the bigger screen but it is a little heavy and can be big. For comparison below are some pictures to compare:

The iPhone 6 pales in comparison as well as the Nexus 6P phones.  The Nexus 9 looks like the iPad mini compared to it and the Samsung Chromebook.

iPad Pro vs Nexus 6P: Size Comparison
iPad Pro vs Nexus 6P: Size Comparison

While reading on the couch reading through RSS feeds and browsing the internet.  It was kinda heavy while laying down in bed but on the couch it didn’t seem to be an issue.

The battery seems to be never ending compared to the Nexus 9.  The iPad has been used for 3 hours so far and the battery

iPad Pro vs Nexus 9: Size Comparison
iPad Pro vs Nexus 9: Size Comparison

is actually at 89%. The screen brightness has been set to adaptive which may have saved a little on the battery but at this rate it should last for 24 hours or more.

It is taking some getting used to where the settings are located.  As opposed to settings within the application it is centralized but located outside of the application within settings.

It has taken some time to get used to not having a dedicated back button.  There is a small back button that pops up at the top in the status bar but only at certain intervals.

iPad Pro vs Samsung Chromebook: Size Comparison
iPad Pro vs Samsung Chromebook: Size Comparison

Double tapping the home button brings up the past application which works but I am still missing the dedicated back button.

Typing on the keyboard works well for hunt and peck typing.  Trying to type in portrait mode with two hands on the side is a little challenging as there is some reach needed.

Some apps are not meant yet for the large size and need to be scaled.  One example is the Periscope app which is meant for the iPhone.  When the app is running in 2X mode it is tiny, 1X is pretty close to about 1/4 the size and larger than 2X.  The app still works fine just a little re-sizing issues and maybe an iPad version of the app will fix it.  Coming from Android, i am used to scaling to be largely unnoticed except for large spacing between the elements of the app.

So far I am enjoying using the device and adjusting to an iPad and iOS.