Day 3: Apple iPad Pro (2015) 128 GB WiFi + Cellular

This day was more of a media experiment.  Watching netflix on the pro is a really nice experience.  The screen is quite large for a hand held device and the screen looks really sharp.  It was dark out so there was no reflection on the glossy screen. The movie started quickly on Netflix and moved to the different spots of the movie quickly.

The sound was loud and clear as you would expect from 4 speakers.  It would have been louder if it was placed on the front of the device but likely it was done for waste tics more than performance in this placement.

Battery life is still going strong.  After over 7 hours of use and 55 some hours on standby I still have not charged it and there is about 55% battery life left.  Most of the usage has been on wifi with minimal time on cellular.  After this battery finally runs out I will test out just on cellular alone.

The next test was to cast something over wifi to the tv. The chrome cast app recognized the Netflix and Spotify apps right away.  Clicking on the Spotify app launched the normal black screen and little green logo but didn’t do anything after that.  Swiping out of the open app and relaunching didn’t change anything.  This was the first time launching the app and maybe the device needs to restarted.  Next I tried Netflix screaming a tv show and worked well as it does on the nexus 9 tablet for the first 10 minutes but after that there was a few times where it stuttered and waited to load. Interestingly rebooted the tablet and the Netflix show keep playing even going to the next episode without needing the iPad.