Day 29 – Apple iPad Pro (2015) 128 GB WiFi + Cellular

30 days later and everything has come in including the Apple Smart Keyboard and Pencil. Using the smart keyword was a little wonky it it works. It is not a laptop replacement in my book but the case and keyword fit quite well.  The half fold of the keyboard into the case is a little weird to get used to at the beginning but it works out nicely.

Writing with the pencil is likely the best writing experience i have used on any device.  It feels good in the hand, good weight, and feels like a nice pen.  The responsiveness on the screen was almost immediate and was great when drawing in different Adobe products. It seems a lot of the Adobe products were actually free which made it easier to test on.  Writing on a tablet is still not like writing on paper as the tablet raises the writing surface a little but one can get used to it.  The battery life was about 3 days with moderate use. I thought the battery would last a lot longer.  The battery charged quite quickly and conveniently at the bottom of the tablet.  When it is plugged in it looks a bit silly and I wouldn’t be surprised if it snapped off in a short amount of time from getting bumped.


I really enjoyed the battery life, the large screen, and writing on the iPad Pro 1st generation. After using it for about a month i have come to realize i am more in need of a laptop than the iPad. I know the tablet is positioned as a laptop replacement but with the keyboard, iOS, and screen placement, it was not the 2 in one laptop and tablet i was hoping for.  For the price point around $1500 for the tablet and accessories with tax and if you are looking more for a laptop first, then you may want to look at the Macbook or Microsoft Surface instead.  This is just what I ended up doing.  Returning the Apple iPad Pro and getting a 12 inch Apple Macbook and I am quite happy with my choice. If it was a bit cheaper I may consider owning both someday,