The Engadget Interview: Tesla’s Elon Musk promises more Superchargers, better service, cheaper EVs that don’t suck

It looks like Tesla’s Elon Musk is trying to work on an every man’s car. He is working on a car that would be half the price of the current supercars which would range probably between $30,000 and $35,000. He sees the need to add more superchargers and plans to complete the hundred station rollout well before the deadline of 2015. Superchargers are solar powered charging stations powered by his other company solar city. When the superchargers are not in use the solar power is brought back to the grid connection makes money for the station operator. One area he is working on his better quality service. I could see with how busy they are the service could be little the challenge at times. Especially with the large increase in car production last quarter which brought them to have the first positive earnings in the company’s history. Just the other day he unveiled an interesting lease program which will allow a lot more people to get behind the seats of and the Tesla. Granted the price is still not cheap but you say success that’s coming with a lot of fanfare.